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Passing a Drug Test - Is it Legal?
Your specific beating drug tests situation may vary but if you are applying for employment in the private sector you may very well not be violating any laws when you attempt to pass a drug test. This is the statement made by the Department of Labor Workplace Advisor:: Most employers over the United States aren't required to drug test and most state and local governments have statutes that limit or restrict workplace drug testing, unless required by state or Federal regulations for certain jobs. Drug testing is NOT required under the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988. However, most private employers have the right to test for a wide variety of substances. It is very important that before designing a drug-testing program you familiarize yourself with the various state and Federal regulations that may apply to you or your organization.
It is very important that you verify the legalities of trying to beat your drug test and keep in mind the easiest way to beat a drug test is not to take drugs in the first place.
Your best plan to beat drug testings is not to do drugs at all or at try to quit for a short while before beating your drug test. It seems like a great way to beat your drug test but the problem with employee random drug testing is, you don't know when your employer will tell you it's your turn to drop a specimen. Your employer may not even be required by law to give you advance notice for your drug test, pretty much blowing all chance you had at randomly passing. Even with advanced notice, drug testing can detect drugs for days to weeks, depending on the drug, frequency of use, specimen and test type, metabolism, and other factors.
How long you need to lay off drugs depends on which substance is used, how often, body weight, metabolism, as well as other contributing factors. The only sure way to know is to order a drug-testing kit to see if your clean.
There are very few ways known for flushing your body free of drugs or tricking the tests by herbs, certain foods, detoxifier pills, coffee, etc. Some are myths, but some are proven to work and work well.
There is speculation that drinking lots of water before a urine drug test might dilute drugs and metabolites just enough, to put them below the cutoff levels. But, lots of water makes your urine look pale. It's a healthy sign that you're well-hydrated, but also a waving flag that you might have tried to flush and dilute and fool your drug test.Another myth is about claiming to be a passive user, like by accidentally inhaling pot smoke at a concert or similar event. You can try using that excuse, but if you're a regular pot smoker, it won't help you. Your level will probably be above the cutoffs and far above that of the passive smoker, which, at only about 5 ng/ml or so, is well below the cutoffs. The same goes for passive absorption, like from maybe handling a dollar bill that was unknowingly rolled into a straw to snort coke. It sounds like a good story, but you have to think about how many excuses the drug test givers hear on a daily basis. It's not likely they are going to believe you.
It's true that eating poppy seeds can cause false positives for opiates a few hours later in urine drug tests. But labs claim that hair analysis can distinguish between opiate abuse and poppy-seed ingestion.
False positives, in which employees are accused of marijuana use or any other drug, are highly unlikely so long as labs exercise proper care (however, not all labs do this). The standard procedure is to first screen the samples with an immunoassay test (e.g., EMIT or RIA), then confirm positive results with the more accurate gas chromatograph mass spectrometer (GCMS). This virtually eliminates the chance of false positives for a drug test in exchange for a relatively high rate of "false negatives," where drug use is not detected. The sensitivity of the test is determined by the concentration of metabolites it is set to detect: for the Dept. of Transportation, the standard cutoff is 50 nanograms/milliliter (ng/ml). No substance is known to produce a false positive for marijuana. It used to be that ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, Nuprin) interfered with the marijuana test, but this problem has been fixed. A variety of over-the-counter medicines can cause false positives for amphetamine and other illicit drugs on the EMIT test, but not on the GCMS.
"Passive smoking" of marijuana is not an acceptable excuse at the 50 ng/ml level, since only in extreme circumstances can a non-smoker absorb enough pot to test urine positive (e.g., being stuck in a closet full of heavy smokers for hours). However, passive exposure may result in positive tests at 25 ng/ml or lower.
First and foremost, make sure your employer has the legal right to test you. Ask them for their drug testing policies in writing. Your employer should know if the testing facility is accredited. They must advise you as to the testing procedure and what steps are to be taken in the event of a positive test result. These are legitimate concerns and should legally be answered up front. If they cannot answer them they may revoke the test completely.
Take a deep breath and think. Don't rely on excuses. If you fail your drug test don't throw a fit. Inform them that this is 'simply not possible' and ask them how this could possibly be. Do not volunteer any other information. As far as you are concerned failing the drug test was never even a remote consideration in your mind. Ask them what you can do about this situation and see if you can retest at a later date. Your best reaction in this situation is puzzlement, not anger. Reasonable cooperation is the best approach. Remember, if you want the job you will need to re-test at some date. Your best chance of this is cooperation and putting the test date off as far as possible.
Over the past decade or more a number of highly effective detox products have come to the marketplace in response to the increase in drug testing. Hair follicle shampoos for passing hair drug tests, urine additives and flushing agents for passing urine drug tests and saliva solutions for passing saliva drug tests. Many of these are quite effective.Using common sense
When selecting a detox product here are a few guidelines: 1. Do they answer the phone when you call for support? 2. Is the support staff knowledgeable? 3. Do they offer a money back guarantee?
Most of these questions are common sense and should be considered when purchasing any product but in the panic to find a detox product to pass your drug test it is easy to lose track of common sense.
At some point you may have to pass a random drug test. The fact of the matter is, if you are a drug user, not matter what form, failure to pass a random drug test can really put a kink in your life. You could lose your job or at the very least if you fail to pass your random drug test you will be placed in a company controlled rehab program. Additionally, if you fail to pass your random drug test it can get much worse than that including loss of job and incarceration. The additional stress these occurrences can add to peoples lives have led to the failure of marriages and the loss of children.
The best way to remedy this drug testing situation is to put the drug test off as long as you can to give you an opportunity to purchase a detox product. There are many available right here on this website!
If you are unprepared for a random drug test, act calmly. If they ask for a urine sample right away, give them one. You might test positive but you can deal with that when the drug test results come back. Remember confusion and denial are your best friends. If you fail the random drug test chances are very good that you will be allowed to retest once the results are returned. Your best bet is to calmly give them the required sample, leave and begin an immediate detox effort, then retest at a later date if you do indeed fail your random drug test.
Remember, non drug users do test positive and actual drug users can test negative. It may be your lucky day so keep your cool.
Passing a Urine Drug Test 5 panel urine drug test
A urine drug test, also known as urinalysis, this procedure requires that one provide a sample of urine. Either a test card is used on site for immediate results, or the sample is sent away to a lab to undergo gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (also known as GCMS), high performance liquid chromatography or immunoassay analysis. The majority of tests administered in pre-hire and even most probate scenarios are of the immediate, and less accurate "at home" variety. Most "dip stick" type tests have higher thresholds for a postive than do the GCMS tests. If a positive result (drug presence indicated) is found, the sample is usually sent to a lab for GCMS confirmation. This is largely due to the costliness of GCMS labaratory testing and time it takes to process and receive results.
There a number of products on the internet including urine additives, masking agents and detox products to flush your urinary tract of toxins.
TAMPERING: While urine dilution is useful, it isn't 100% reliable, especially for heavy daily users. Another tack used by some people is to tamper with the sample by adding adulterants or substituting clean urine for their own. Ethical issues aside, tampering is risky since subjects may be observed or made to disrobe beforehand, and cheating isn't forgiven. Make sure you know your urine drug test before hand. You can buy clean, dehydrated urine but beware -- labs check to make sure the temperature of urine samples is right (around 91-97).
Another trick to foil the test is to spike the sample with an adulterant. A number of adulterants cause negatives on the commonly used EMIT test, but not necessarily other tests. Other common adulterants include detergent, bleach, salt, and the cleaning solution glutaraldahyde, but most of these are easily detected by smell or visual inspection. Urine masking agents
This is an old school approach to passing a urine drug test. Basically some type of adulterant (bleach, etc) is added to the urine sample. This type of method to pass your urine drug test will most certainly be detected by modern lab drug testing procedures.
By far the best method to pass a urine drug test. These typically work by flushing toxins from your urinary tract so that your urine sample is clean when given to the testing authority. Advantages are as follows:
1. Typically works within one hour. 2. Undetectable. 3. You bring nothing into the test environment.
Passing a Hair Drug Test Hair test Hair drug testing is very accurate and can go back normally 3 months (6 months or longer possible with specialty tests), showing any drugs of abuse used in the detection window. As hair grows out, any drugs used are hidden in the hair shaft, so the longer the hair, the longer back in the individual's drug history the lab can detect. Accredited hair drug testing labs, however, only use hair within about 2.5 -4 cm of the scalp, and discard the rest. With head hair each 0.5 inch (1.27 cm) corresponds to about 30 days. This limits the detection history to about 90 days, depending upon the rate at which the individual's hair grows. Some people attempt to circumvent this through shaving their heads. In the absence of the required amount of hair on the scalp, body hair can be used as an acceptable substitute for the hair follicle drug test.
There is no easy way to pass a hair follicle drug test other by the use of a hair follicle shampoo. These shampoos are designed specifically to pass a hair follicle drug test and accomplish this by stripping toxins from the hair follicle shaft. Some individuals have been known to shave their heads in an effort to stop having to take a hair follicle drug test. This does not do any good because the hair sample required for the hair follicle drug test can be removed from any part of the body including pubic, armpit and chest hairs.
Passing a Saliva Drug Test Typical saliva drug test Saliva / oral fluid-based drug tests can generally detect use during the previous few days. Saliva or oral fluid based drug tests are becoming more prevalent because of their convenience and the fact that they can not be adulterated or so they think. Furthermore, on-site oral based tests in particular enable the use of random testing programs, proven to be the most effective type of drug screening. Oral fluid based tests are as accurate as urine and can be obtained from quality suppliers in the United States.
Testing is usually performed by employers, for either pre-employment, random, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, or return-to-duty testing. Oral fluid based testing most closely mimics results found with blood and is preferable for detecting on-the-job drug use or in post-accident applications in this case because the degree of intoxication can be approximated based on the amount of substance.
Saliva drug testing is basically based on blood. The only hope you have of passing a saliva drug test is to use some type of saliva drug test solution. What these solutions do is basically destroy the drug toxins in your saliva so you can provide a clean test sample to the testing authority.
Blood drug tests are the most expensive and most intrusive form of drug testing. They are also the most accurate method of drug testing the least common because of the expense. Blood drug tests are not very popular due to the widespread fear of blood borne infectious diseases. Blood drug tests also has a short detection period and requires trained phlebotomists to take to the blood from the individual.
Blood drug tests cannot only be used to determine if you are using recreational drugs, but they can be used to determine if you are on any other types of medications. Blood may be used for testing for alcohol, but only within a few hours after alcohol has been ingested. If an individual is an alcoholic, there may be a longer available window due to the build-up of alcohol in the blood.
At this time the marketplace offers no reliable product to pass a blood drug test in a short amount of time. The only guaranteed ways to pass a drug test or let beating drug tests easily is to not to do drugs or to let your body naturally detoxify. There are a number of ways to speed up this detoxification process such as an increase in excercise, consuming naturally detoxifying foods and increasing your intake of water.
Passing a Sweat Drug Test Sweat drug test Sweat drug tests are patches attached to the skin to collect sweat over a long period of time (10-14 days).
These are almost exclusively used by child protective services, parole departments, and other government institutions concerned with drug use over long periods, when urine drug testing is not practical or has proven inefficient. The patches have security features that keep them from being secretly removed and then reapplied without the knowledge of the drug testing agency. At the end of the drug test period, the patch is removed by a social worker or parole officer and sent to a lab for analysis. If the person has used any drugs during the period that the patch was in place, they will test positive for that drug.
This type of drug testing has fallen out of favor with government agencies due to documented problems with certain drugs.
How to pass a sweat drug test
A sweat drug test is remarkably similiar to a blood drug test and at this time the marketplace offers no reliable product to pass a sweat drug test in a short amount of time. The only guaranteed ways to pass a drug test or let beating drug tests easily is to not to do drugs or to let your body naturally detoxify. There are a number of ways to speed up this detoxification process such as an increase in excercise, consuming naturally detoxifying foods and increasing your intake of water.
Please keep in mind that none of the below steps can guarantee that you will pass your drug test. They can however be an excellent aid.
Your best bet to pass your drug test is to try a reputable detox product to pass a drug test.
Know Detection Periods
You may not even need to take steps to pass a drug test. If you are in doubt grab an at home drug test. They are available here on this website and can save you the embarrassment of having to walk into a store and buy one.
Avoid Using Any Drugs
Avoid being around others consuming drugs at least 48 hours before your deadline, a week if possible. In general, the longer the better. Your best defense is to completely stay away from the substance. The exception to this if that if you have a prescription to use certain drugs, continue the use of those.
Water Consumption
For at least (2) days prior to the day of your deadline consume a minimum of (6) 16 ounce glasses of water per day. Water is a catalyst to the body's natural detoxification process. Drinking water will help to flush drug metabolites out of your body, especially when combined with healthy eating and exercise habits. Just keep some water by you and sip on it all day long. You can drink several glasses this way without having to drink the water all at once.
Exercise the week leading up to your deadline. Aerobic exercise raises your metabolism which assists greatly in the detoxification process. Exercise every day up to 48 hours before your drug test. To burn the metabolite-containing fat cells, exercise regularly every day (twice a day for 30 to 60 minutes if possible). Be active. Climb the stairs at work. Walk the dogs for an extra hour. Stand at your desk. Walk to the corner store instead of driving. Do whatever it takes to burn the fat and boost your metabolism - but do NOT diet. On the other hand don't gorge. (We're trying to burn fat, remember). It's much better to eat often than to overeat at any one sitting. Anyone who has ever stuffed themselves knows that they certainly don't feel a big boost of energy afterwards. Eat things that give you energy, but avoid excesses of quick metabolism boosters such as coffee, sugar and Red Bull. Especially when taken in large quantities, these will be consumed by the body quickly and lead your metabolism to 'crash' as soon as the sugar and caffeine runs out. You want to keep your body metabolism at a steady, hearty pace all day long.
1. Incorporate a healthy diet the week prior to your personal deadline. High fat foods, greasy foods (particularly butters, cream sauces, and fried foods) and junk foods have been shown to slow the detoxification process. Eat fiber, carbohydrates, vegetables and foods high in protein as normal. Do NOT skip breakfast. Eat often throughout the day, but avoid eating late at night when your body has nothing to do with those extra calories other than store them as fat. Do NOT go on a crash diet to burn fat. When you diet your body panics because it thinks you're starving. Your metabolism will drop and your body will hold on to those fat cells even tighter than before.
2. Consume only light meals the day of your personal deadline.
3. Avoid alcoholic beverages, over the counter drugs and unnecessary medications.
Creatine Levels
Maintaining Creatine Levels is a Key. THIS IS REAL IMPORTANT STUFF: Creatine is a natural protein created by the body and is usually excreted in the urine at fairly constant concentrations. When the urine is diluted by frequent urination and extra hydration, the creatine level in the urine will drop. Creatine levels are tested for in labs and a low creatine level may indicate to the lab that you have attempted to flush your system of drugs. Tampering with drug test results might bar you from employment to the company. The results may also be sent to law enforcement, depending on the employer. If asked to take a drug test, stay calm. Some employers, schools and parents will ask you to take one just to see your reaction, there is no point to getting all in a huff unless you are being taken by suprise to a testing facility (illegal unless you are under 18 and are being taken by parents or those with parental consent) at which point, take a minute to think and find a good excuse to prolong testing. Every second could count.

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